The 4th China - Israel Investment Summit convenes in Zhuhai on July 2-3
The China-Israel Innovation & Investment Summit is an important platform for promoting scientific and ecomonic cooperation between the two countries, and has been included as a routine activity in the 3-Year Plan of Action of the Intergovernmental Economic and Technical Cooperation Mechanism signed by the two governments in March 2017. The first and second summits were held in January and September in 2016 and in Beijing and Tel Aviv, Israel, all of which were purely commercial enterprises; The third was held in Zhuhai in June 2017, the first time by local government, namely Zhuhai government, Zhuhai Huafa Group and Infinity Group. The summit was strongly supported and guided by the National Development and Reform Commission, the provincial government, and the Israeli Prime Minister's Office. The third summit has an unprecedented scale, tremendous impact and fruitful results, the two countries and the political business sector attaches great importance to attract more than 2,700 enterprises, a total of more than 5,200 participants; the summit the promoted the launch of a national-level China-Israel Innovation Fund, and a group of China-Israel The contract signed on the site of the cooperation project and the B2B cooperation intention among the enterprises exceeds one thousand items. The total amount is nearly 4 billion US dollars.
The 2018 year marks the beginning of the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up, the 5th anniversary of the "Belt and Road Initiative," and the full implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. Zhuhai is located close to Hong Kong and Macao, as a frontline for reform and opening up, a key city in the Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Dawan District, and a Guangdong Province “One Belt and One Road�? fulcrum city. It is a sub-center city of Guangdong, second only to Guangzhou and Shenzhen as the main central cities. The socialist modernization has an important position and role. In order to take advantage of Zhuhai's urban positioning and industrial characteristics, Zhuhai promotes the development of a higher-level open economy, strengthens innovation and opening cooperation, and actively participates in the “Belt and Road�? initiative. It plans to hold the 4th China-Israel Innovation & Investment in Zhuhai. Through the gathering of both institutions and representatives from high-end industries and fields such as scientific and technological innovation, biomedicine, smart cities, etc., conduct industry exchanges, smart collisions, promotion, negotiation and bilateral trade, and strive to promote more high-quality projects to Zhuhai and further promote Zhuhai. The improvement of scientific and technological innovation level and the development of the real economy will help Zhuhai create a new situation of reform and development.
Warm reminder: entry to the conference must be based on a certificate. The opening ceremony must be attended by a designated certificate with the "opening ceremony admission card" logo on the front. The organizing Committee will confirm your type of certificate by text message before the opening of the conference. Please check the type of certificate in time after receiving the certificate and reasonably arrange the time for attending the conference.
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