Israeli Tech Companies
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Why Attend?
The Israeli Tech companies attending the Summit will benefit from countless opportunities including:
Entry into the world of Chinese investment:
1,000 Chinese strategic players and investors are attending the summit with a keen interest to develop investment opportunities with innovative companies in Israel. This is a unique opportunity for Israeli companies to showcase their products and develop communication channels in order to further business collaborations.
The summit assists Israeli companies in overcoming the language and cultural barriers by having representatives on both sides of the globe lay the groundwork for a successful event. Israeli companies participating in the summit will have their business profiles published in China prior to the event to spark interest among investors and secure prearranged B2B meetings with potential investors.
Media exposure:
The Summit appeals to both Chinese and Israeli government representatives and will draw significant media attention in both countries. It is a great publicity opportunity for the attending companies.
Built-in presentation slots:
Israeli companies will each receive a slot at the Summit to pitch their products to determined investors and decision makers and initiate further business opportunities.
Networking is key to professional success. The Summit will include a wide range of influential representatives from Israel’s innovation ecosystem, giving startups and hi-tech companies an opportunity to secure and strengthen their local strategic positioning.
The Summit will provide the platform for making connections, exchanging new ideas with peers and will open doors to potentially fruitful collaborations.